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WARNING: This page is very, very out of date. We suggest checking Wikipedia or IMDB for more recent info.

First of all, this is not a biography. If you want to read Harry's life story, I highly suggest the book "Wild About Harry: The Illustrated Biography of Harry Connick Jr." by Antonia Felix (Taylor Publishing). The purpose of this FAQ is to answer a lot of the more commonly-asked questions that I receive through e-mail. It's not that I want to make things impersonal; to the contrary, I try to answer all the questions that people send me, to the best of my ability. However, sometimes I find myself answering the same questions week after week, and I figure it would just be easier to write "Hey, read the FAQ, the answer should be in there!" So, here it is. Hope it helps!

Background Information

What is Harry's date of birth?
September 11, 1967.

What is Harry's full name?
Joseph Harry Fowler Connick, Jr.

Is Harry married?
Yes, he is married to former Victoria's Secret model Jill Goodacre (who has taken the Connick surname).

Does he have any kids?
Yes. Georgia Tatom Connick was born on April 17, 1996, Sara Kate Connick was born on September 12, 1997, and Charlotte Jane Connick was born on June 26, 2002.


Is Harry coming to [my city/country] anytime soon?
By far, this is the most popular question I receive. The answer is, the most recent listings of concerts and appearances can always be found on the "News" page. Basically, if you don't see your city there, you can assume one of two things. 1) No, he's not coming; 2) He might be coming, but hasn't announced it officially yet. If there's a concert tour going on, you can also access the complete listing (past, present, and future) of dates on the current tour, via the "News" page. Keep in mind that I never withhold information! So, when I do hear about something, you can bet it will be on the "News" page within 24 hours. Just keep checking back, and maybe eventually you'll find Harry is planning a show near you.

I want Harry to sing a song at my wedding [or other significant event]. How can I contact him about this?
Unfortunately, Harry does not do private concerts for weddings or other personal events. He has also decided to refrain from participating in marriage proposals, as he feels it is a very private event. Harry is available for private corporate engagements. If you are interested in booking him for a CORPORATE EVENT, please call his booking agent, Christopher Dalston, at Creative Artists Agency. The phone number is 310-288-4545.

CDs (and Other Ways to Spend Money)
Where can I buy the Import CDs shown on the fan site?
The first place you should look is probably your local record stores, preferably large chains such as Tower Records or Virgin Megastore. Don't bother with the mall chains such as Camelot, Musicland, or Sam Goody, because they NEVER have anything good. There might be other major chains in your area that I haven't mentioned; if so, just call and ask them if they stock imports and/or if they do special orders. Now, assuming you can't find anywhere local to order the CDs, turn to the power of the Internet. There are a number of online CD shops where you can find imports. Here are a few that I have personally used and had no problems with (and don't forget to try eBay):
  • CD-Now - http://www.cdnow.com/from=sr-2394770 Cool store, they don't specialize in imports or anything hard-to-find, but their prices are very good.
  • German Music Express - http://www.musicexpress.com Nothing spectacular, but they do have a decent selection. When I ordered from this place, my CD didn't arrive in the best condition, but it was delivered in about a week and there were no problems with the CD itself.

Which of the Import CDs should I buy?
If you're interested in finding "new" (or previously unreleased) tracks, you should look into purchasing "Swing Time" and "France, I Wish You Love". Each of these albums has one song that you can't find anywhere else, and the rest of the CD is filled with various songs from Harry's other albums. "Swing Time" is a Japanese import, and "France, I Wish You Love" is obviously from France. There are three others I know about that don't have any extra songs: "Forever, For Now" (UK), "It Had To Be You" (Australia), and "Star Box" (Japan).

Does Harry appear on any other CDs?
Yes. Here are the ones I know about (not including songs which can be found on his other albums):
  • "Godfather Part III" Sdtrk. - "Promise Me You'll Remember"
  • "Sleepless in Seattle" Sdtrk. - "Wink and a Smile"
  • "One Fine Day" Sdtrk. - "This Guy's In Love With You"
  • "A Jazzy Wonderland" - "This Christmas" (vocal) and "Some Children See Him" (instrumental)
  • "Simply Mad About the Mouse" - "Bare Necessities"
  • Peter Allen, "Making Every Moment Count" - "When I Get My Name In Lights"
  • Russell Malone, self-titled - "I Don't Know Enough About You" (piano) and "I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me" (piano)
  • Leroy Jones, "Props for Pops" - 2 tracks (piano)
  • Harry Connick Sr, "New Orleans, My Home Town" - "Rocky Mountain Moon"

Where can I find sheet music/songbooks?
There are two songbook compilations available: the Harry Connick Jr. Songbook and the Blue Light, Red Light Songbook. These are readily available in most music stores in Europe (especially Bookland) and can be ordered through most US bookstores. Keep in mind that these are very basic and are not guaranteed to turn you into Harry overnight! They are written for only piano/guitar, so don't expect complete big band charts.

Where can I buy other Harry merchandise?
Usually, you can only buy posters, t-shirts, etc. either at the concerts or directly from the fan club, if you're a member.

I want to write a letter to Harry. Where do I send it?
The Fan Club forwards all snail mail directly to Harry. Write to him at:

   Harry Connick Jr.
   c/o Wilkins Management
   323 Broadway
   Cambridge, MA 02139

Please do NOT write to Harry c/o CAA or c/o Anita Nanko at Columbia Records. Both of these places do forward Harry's mail but not very regularly. If you want your letter to reach Harry in a timely manner, send all correspondence c/o Wilkins Management.

I want to obtain an autographed photo. Where can I get one?
Unfortunately, due to time constraints, Harry is no longer able to sign photos for fans, and he doesn't want them to be "signed" with a stamp. However, you can still request an unsigned publicity photo of Harry by writing to the Fan Club at the following address: 323 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139.

Haven't I seen Harry in some movies?
Yes, Harry has had roles in several movies, including "Memphis Belle" (1990), "Little Man Tate" (1991), "Copycat" (1995), "Independence Day" (1996), "Excess Baggage" (1997), "Hope Floats" (1998), "The Simian Line" (2000), "Life Without Dick" (2001), and "South Pacific" (2001). He provided voiceovers for the animated features "The Iron Giant" (1999) and "My Dog Skip" (2000). In addition, Harry starred in "Wayward Son", which was filmed in 1999 but never made it to theatres. Two other films, "Mickey" (2002) and "Basic" (2003) are in the works. For more detailed information on any of these movies, take a look at the Internet Movie Database at http://us.imdb.com.

Does Harry have an e-mail address?
Yes, you can e-mail him at info@harryconnickjr.com.

Where are the members of Harry's various bands now?
Many of them have their own solo careers, or play with other groups when they're not recording or touring with Harry. A few that I do know of:

Leroy Jones is based in New Orleans and plays regularly with his quintet. He has several solo CDs available -- "Mo Cream From the Crop", "Props For Pops", "City of Sounds", and "Back To My Roots". The latter two can be purchased from the Louisiana Music Factory (louisianamusicfactory.com), the others may take a little searching.

Mark Mullins is based in New Orleans and has formed two new trombone-fronted bands, Mulebone (mulebone.com) and Bonerama (bonerama.net). Both groups have earned rave reviews for their fresh, innovative sounds. CDs can be purchased from the Louisiana Music Factory.

Craig Klein is based in New Orleans and plays with two groups, Bonerama and the New Orleans Nightcrawlers (neworleansnightcrawlers.com). The Nightcrawlers are a New Orleans style brass band and considered one of the finest groups in town. CDs can be purchased from the Louisiana Music Factory.

Dave Schumacher has two albums out on the Amosaya Records label, "Every Corner" and "From Another Life". CDs can be purchased from Amazon (amazon.com).

Ned Goold also records on the Amosaya records label. He currently has two albums out, "Gooold" and "Entropy". CDs can be purchased from Amazon.

Ben Wolfe no longer plays in Harry's bands, he currently records and tours with Diana Krall. His solo efforts are recorded on the Mons Records and Amosaya Records labels. These include "13 Sketches", "Bagdad Theater", and "Murray's Cadillac". CDs can be purchased from Amazon.

Undoubtedly, the other members of Harry's bands/orchestras have gone on to their own very successful careers, but this is all the information I currently have. Feel free to e-mail me if you know anything else. Also, there is a tribute site for the big band in the works (not by me). I'll update this when that site is up and running.

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